Whitebox Penetration Testing

Whitebox - Penetrationtest

Depending on the projects requirement, our team can perform complete Whitebox penetration testing to evaluate the efficiency of the client's network infrastructure or applications. System or network configurations, protocol specifications, source codes and the occasional password are shared with the security team prior to the tests in this approach.

This may also help to reduce the number of resources required to deliver the project. This also helps checking the system and making sure it can withstand security attacks even when some of its security information is made available to attackers or other outsiders. Whitebox penetration test usually requires physical access to the target infrastructure, private information or the for example application source codes.

The goal of a white box test is to check the robustness of an infrastructure or an application in its specific system environment where the security information cannot be strictly controlled. Our team  works closely with your team ensuring that the flow of information and intel sharing is optimized as per clients satisfaction.

What are the advantages of the Whitebox security test procedure?

  • Increase of number of vulnerabilities & detection rate
  • Faster alignment and procedure for penetration tests & simulations
  • Network Risk Analyzes for Infrastructures
  • Accept new attack vectors through the developer view
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