Documentation (Reporting)

Documentation Phase
The clean documentation ensures that the issues can be reproduced or reconstructed for analysis by the vendor or developer teams. The documentation will be written by the researchers and penetration testers who performed the penetration tests or security audits. The documentation will cover all penetration test results with innovative information as highlight and productive security details. We ensure that the documentation perfect covers the penetration tests with all important details concerning the individual findings.
Detailed Penetration Testing Reports
Our reports are splitted to several informative parts. At the beginning, there is a introduction and summery. The summery and introduction provide details about the vendor, servers and of course the software or product itself. The second part impact the technical details of the open security issues detected in the customers computer systems. The third part impact the exploitation information of the bug or vulnerability with a detailed proof of concept and in special cases also manual exploitation steps for reproduces. The last part of a documentation snippet impact for example a solution to patch the security bug and of course a risk analysis by the security researcher or penetration tester. Mostly the reports will be attached together with all resources to produce a final documentation in the last phase.
After the last Phase ... ?
After the last phase the evolution security team is ever responsible for security questions, problems, assistance to reproduce and of course a future cooperation. Become a partner of our strong security network and stay secure with permanent checks, tests, reports and analysis by the evolution security core team.
Corporate Security Report (Individual Areas & Entire Company)
Evolution Security GmbH offers you uniform corporate security reports that are specific to individual infrastructure areas, such as: build the data center. In addition, our company offers a complete assessment of your entire digital enterprise infrastructure. The complete assessments include topics such as physical security, infrastructure stability and integrity checks, access security and monitoring & monitoring. Further details on the subject can be found in our service documents.
Management Summary (Works Council, Management, Investors & Customers)
Do you need the safety documentation as a summary for different departments of your company? This is not a problem either, we offer tailor-made management summaries in the security documentation, no matter which department it is due for. Whether for the works council, the management or investors & customers, the Evolution Security GmbH manufactures a transparent and tailored to the department document in order not to confront potential employees with unnecessary, incomprehensible details.
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