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Pricing is by far the most important profit lever for a company. At the same time the importance of this instrument is grossly underestimated by most companies. Shows an investigation carried out in 2011 at 3.900 companies worldwide: 65 percent of security industry companies are not able to enforce the proper / adequate prices for their products and services for this pricing weakness reduces the profit of the companies concerned by 25 percent! We fight against this statement by trusted work and stable expertise to cover top researchers with a lot of experience.

View our specialized pricing plans specifically tailored accordingly for the manufacturers only. Our researchers will search for new zero-day bugs and vulnerabilities in online services, web-applications, software or hardware on startup. Thus allows us to perform different typ of security tests. We do for example provide our research service to startup programs, productive systems, test environments or in the development process of a product to assist. Performing that typ of model allows us to be flexible on pentest jobs for our customers. If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to ask our administratiors or support service team.

Our customers are predominantly located in the following technology divisions:

  • Bank, Payment Providers and Insurance Companies
  • Telecommunication-, Carrier- or Web Service Providers
  • Authorities at federal and provincial level structures
  • International Corporations (Industry, Automotive, Chemicals, Media, Energy, Water)
  • Instituts, Universities or Agencies

Kindly contact us directly for any other information regarding penetration testing, trainings, live hacking events and other services pricing plans. Contact us and join the innovative security program to protect your famous and most important infrastructure.

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