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In this section of the website, we offer a hardware security service to our clients and customers. Our  hardware hacking and security checks impact an audit, independent hacking methods or a strong but individual reverse engeneering analysis. We are able to identify hardware bugs and misconfigurations by manufacturers. Even hardware platins of routers, building control, smart-phones, printers and security appliances which physically located in buildings of a company, this need not necessarily belong.

Our advanced hardware hackers develop and change in creative ways technology equipment (hardware) of mostly personal but also public interest. Our team deals primarily with the hardware specific devices that contain computer equipment or computers themselves. The modification or manipulation of the analog electronic devices and electrical or mechanical equipment is our business. Insecure platin connections, electronic device manipulation, hardware misconfigurations, backdoors or other unrevealed hardware secrets will be combined with independent research, silent trust & excellent reverse engeneering analysis in order to fulfill the wishes of our customers/clients.

We are working with various programs, scripts and tools, and we are researching "how to" reverse engineer and manipulate hardware found in everyday devices like smartphones, gaming or control consoles, devices with ports and other physical stuff. Exploitation of local- & remote controls, phones or prevention is the goal of our hardware security program to overcome the physical layer.

Mostly a vendor requests to test card systems, port systems, phones and special devices with exclusive embed systems. A secret rented hall in the middle of germany provides us enough place to move and work with big ATM series, embed systems of the automobile (car) industry, casino automats or hardware security projects with electronic machines (Scada) and ICS. We are prepared for big and low testings and we do our best to ensure the security of your hardware product or embed system. For sure we can not identify every bug (100%) inside of a hardware product or embed system but we scope with experience and knowledge to get excellent results.

Embed System Devices connected to Hardware

Our company does not  work on protecting only the hardware components of a system, we also investigate in securing embed systems specific created to hardware. In 2013 for example a security researcher of the evolution security team discovered a vulnerability in the embed system of the sony playstation 3. Especially bugs such as the acknowledged ps3 firmware issue are in scope of our security testings, audits or checks. Embed  systems created for devices (xbox,ps3,wi,kindle) mostly require a high level innovative and creative concepts to goal successfully. Our company is able to provide innovative and creative testings with expert and advanced knowledge in embed system and device security.

Our Clients & Customers ... ?!

Casinos, Drink Water Manufacturers, Gaming Consoles with Embed Systems, Banks (ATMs & ICS), Automobile Industry (Embed  Navigation Systems), Government (Billing Systems), Military(ICS), Institutions like Prisons(SCADA & ICS), Hospitals(ICS), Agencies and all kind of electronic companies or electronic equipment product manufacturers. Feel free to contact our company and enjoy the advanced research.

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