Presentations, Lectures & Talks

Evolution Security provides stable commercial talks which are getting extended in a period of every quarter per year to make them unique and perfect.

The talks are very informative for researchers, security companies or penetration tester to learn about manual way of exploitation, basic and advanced protection, bypass methods or secure programming.

Our company does not only offers presentations, it does as well live shows for hacking events and conferences. As in other subject areas, the emphasis here is on IT security.

Security Talks & Presentations

To get an overview on the various training courses and live shows, we have extra hacking compiled for you the following information. All our training courses, lectures and performances require no previous IT knowledge.

Only if a presentation with advanced or expert is instantly highlighted in the title, we require a technical knowledge for your understanding. The training courses take an average of 1-2 day (s) to complete and include short breaks.

The live shows of Hacking take between 30-60 minutes and 60-120 minutes between our presentations, those are ideal for conferences or training sessions.


Excellent Speaker & fresh Topics

We provide excellent & exclusive presentations around topics like phone/mobile security, zeroday software & application bugs, firewall & filter pentests. Check them out and book 1 or 2 sessions for your company, event or private team.

The evolution security team researchers also participate as speaker in security conference after invitations or special request. Enjoy the live talks or presentations by our official & well known company experts.

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