SCADA & ICS Security Program

SCADA Security & ICS Penetration Tests

The scada security program is available to famous companies of the private and public industry. We share information, exchange resources and we provide excellent scada security analysis and penetration tests. The program and information exchange is connected to an available budget. We offer a information and security service to public partners, private customers or famous clients to secure your internal or external SCADA & ICS infrastructure. Our expert penetration testers and vulnerability assessment core team is certified and trained in dealing with SCADA or ICS.

The SCADA & ICS Security Program customers and clients are drinking water manufacturers, software manufacturers, traffic management & control centers, the mobile service industry and manufacturers, food industry, electronic power grid manufacturers and much more. Feel free to join the program to get information about the new vulnerabilities in industrial control systems.

The SCADA & ICS Security Program of our (evolution-security) company does not cooperate without verification of clients, partners and customers because of security reason.  admin[A|T]

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) ... ?!

Is a type of industrial control system (ICS). Industrial control systems are computer controlled systems that monitor and control industrial processes that exist in the physical world. SCADA systems historically distinguish themselves from other ICS systems by being large scale processes that can include multiple sites, and large distances. These processes include industrial, infrastructure, and facility-based processes, as described below:


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