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During the last year we have added a new section to our service portofolio "Automated Teller Machines Security". Our team has long term experience in the cyber security sector, especially with automated teller machines of manufacturers like Wincor Nixdorf, NCR. Keba, Hitachi, Olivetti, Diebold or GRG.

Our expertise is to discover hidden backdoors, zero-day vulnerabilities in software, service, applications and of course bugs in the design, network infrastructure, ethernet, firmware or hardware itself. Next to that our team approves the controls of privileges, domain controllers, system accounts, the boot priorities, bios setup and different other integrated modules or embed system functions. (Handelsblatt | Heise)

To demonstrate how we approve different areas that mainly affect the security of full automated teller machines, watch the listing below ...

  • Bios protection (Boot Priorities, Default Configurations & Password Security)
  • Examination by usage of compromising boot medias
  • Efficiency testing of ids, anti-virus, firewall & protective mechanisms
  • Examination of key, hdd or information encryption
  • Attacks in the network (Productive systems & Test-environments)
  • Security approval of operating system software
  • Security approval of web-applications
  • Security approval of management/service consoles (Terminal & Console)
  • Security approval of interfaces (Gui, Control Panel & UI)
  • Security approval of operating system core (Client & Server)
  • System password checks - efficiency & weakness (BIOS, System, Network & Keys)
  • Examination of the payment modules or dispenser and the hedging
  • Hardware configuration check and approval for unqiue or basic backdoors (Generic Backdoors, Secret Interactions & Device Tricks or Functional Combinations)
  • Examination of the cassette configuration approval & security mechanisms
  • Scan for known vulnerabilities and security threats
  • Fraud correlation system or manipulation protections approval
  • Special case scenarios (Reproduce or Testing of Existing Vulnerabilities)
  • Identification of Logical Bugs in functionalities (Manual interaction for manipulation)

We do offer our service to customers or companies, service providers of banks but also to the manufacturers of automated teller machines. Feel free to contact us, to arrange a meeting for preview our expertise and references. Our team is cooperating with different banks or service providers to build a strong & trusted communication network "Made in Germany".

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