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Government & Military - Exchange & Cooperation Program

Evolution security team cooperates with the following official universities, government academies and military institutions. We only offer this service for vulnerability research, vulnerability exchange, security trainings or workshops & security vulnerability assessment. Our new program is available to protect sensitive data, information, online services, websites, web-servers, computer systems, software and of course unofficial or non-public programs/projects.  Our team is a trusted resource for cooperation or information and we support all kind of governments (RU, CN,TW, MY, US,IT ,DE & Co.).

Our official Service to Government, Military, Institutions & Universities?

The evolution security team provides 3 new infrastructure services to official government related organisations, the military, universities and of course security agencies. The first of the 3 provided programs is the "Service Infrastructure" security program. The service is only available to government institutes or official organisations and impacts the testing and hardending of system specific online services. The second service of our team is the "Software Infrastructure" security program.

The software infrastructure security program allows military, government and agencies to get notified about 0day software security vulnerabilities in products of interest and the APL. The second service also impact forwarding of software core tests and audits. The third innovative service we offer to government is the "Web Application Infrastructure" security program. The web application infrastructure security program impacts the hardending, penetration testing, checks & prevention for government related online services and websites.

How to participate in the new Government Security Program?

To participate in the government security program you only need to choose one of the services (service-, software-, application -infrastructure security program) and write us a mail. There are some security regulations in our new government prevention program.

- NO heavy sanctioned countries like Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan, Palestina, Iraq, North Korea & Co.
- NO Governments or Military with criminal intentions or evil intentions for offensive operations
- NO Government unrelated company requests from the private or in-officials

Note: Our team does not exchange any private user contacts to governements, partner contracts, contact address of customers or sensitive company information. We also do not focus on forensics, busting hackers/crackers/fraudsters or attacking (infiltrate) other computer systems.

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