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Evolution Security GmbH security team cooperates with universities, government academies and military institutions as part of an internal project. We offer the service of the project only for vulnerability research, vulnerability analysis, training, education or workshops. Our new project was created to protect sensitive information from websites, online services, applications, software, computer systems or hardware. Our team is a trusted resource in collaborations with various governments and commissions.

Our official Service to Government, Military, Institutions & Universities?

The security team of our company provides three different services in the government project for universities, the military or government organizations. The category first offered by our company is the "services infrastructure" security program. This special service is only for government institutes or official organizations and directly affects the testing and hardening of system specific services.

The second service takes place in the same area, but focuses exclusively on detecting security holes or vulnerabilities in software product series. In most cases, these are also listed in the public APL (Approved Products List) of the corresponding government. The Software Infrastructure Security Program allows the military, government agencies and security agencies to be notified of zero-day software security vulnerabilities in products of investigative interest. The second service in the program is also available for forwarding software vulnerabilities during centralized reviews, certifications, and audits.

The third innovative service provided by our government service is available for "web application" security. The web application security infrastructure program has a direct security impact on the web applications, online services or websites in use. We harden applications, test services, log vulnerabilities and provide prevention information for government or government-related organizations.

How to participate in the new Government Security Program?

 To participate in our government program you just need to select one of the 3 categories according to your needs (services, software, application - infrastructure security program) to contact us. Unfortunately, we must inform you in advance that there are some security provisions in the new government prevention program.

  • No sanctioned countries are allowed to participate in our program (Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, North Korea & Co.).
  • We do not allow any government to participate in our program if the information is used for offensive operations, has destructive background or supports criminal acts.
  • No companies without government background or unverifiable government companies.

Our company does not share private user contacts, partner contracts, contact addresses or other sensitive company information with governments. We keep a watchful eye to ensure that we do not participate in offensive operations, illegal forensic attacks, or infiltrations of any kind.

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