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Government - Web Application Infrastructure Security

Our team cooperates with institutions, government information security companies and  security agencies. We provide 0day web application vulnerabilities and excellent security tests to protect government  infrastructures. We are well known for detecting 0day web vulnerabilities in all kind of online service infrastructures like banks, airports, government websites and service or military networks. Researchers of the evolution security team have already discovered 0day vulnerabilities in the web application infrastructure of the nato, the whitehouse, the iaea, the nsa, the nasa or the chinese ministery of commerce and much more.

Zero-Day Web Application Vulnerabilities - Online & Web Services

The Evolution Security Company and the research team provides an own web application infrastructure security programm for Government- or Military institutions.
In the first place we provide the service only to verified and trusty clients, to audit, penetrate or do any other related security check.
The seconds service in this area is the vulnerability laboratory, which tracks vulnerabilities actively to secure critcal government infrastructures.

Clients of our "Web Application Infrastructure" Exchange Partnership Program

- Government Banking & Transaction Applications
- Government Service IPS Application
- Government, Army & Military Website Applications
- Military Web Applications & Control/Management Interfaces
- Government Online Service & UI (User Interfaces)
- Web Filter-, Secure Engine and Protection Web Applications

Application Security Program - Vulnerability Exchange (Web Applications)

We detect all kind of session problems, encoding flaws, cross site issues, filter & secure engine bugs, sql injections, auth bypass vulnerabilities & more.

Feel free to contact us for exchange of vulnerability information & watch the main category with the details for government- institutions, security programs, institutes and the military. Review the following additional pictures of published web application and online service vulnerabilities in important government infrastructures.


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