Gamble-, Slot- or Vending -Machines Security

Our security team does not only operate with automated teller machines, we do also test your companies product series like print-, ticket- or gamble automats and interaction terminals of any kind. We do test devices for backdoors, proof for vulnerabilities in the connection, test for security issues in interfaces and firmware or identify weak points in the productive infrastructure. Through our methods, we are actively combating criminal gangs or individual criminals from Germany and abroad, who are daily on the hunt.

We are ready to go on site to check the appropriate series manually or automatically to ensure a higher level of safety. Our experts in your halls will also be glad to test equipment before the first use in order to identify safety-relevant problems at an early stage. In principle, we do not offer any blackbox security tests in this area on the basis of trust, so that we can develop reliable solutions together. Our company helps affected companies to develop a better understanding through their own preventive measures. We offer innovative presentations on the subject for prevention for affected and non-affected companies.

Our security technicians can identify and deal with the following problems within the framework of the service.

  • Vulnerabilities (Interface, System & Software)
  • Weak spots (Hardware)
  • Security approval of connection (Network & Communication)
  • Backdoors (Secret Combinations)
  • Reverse Engineering (Hardware, System & Software)

Our customers of industrial manufacturers, which we inspect with service providers for safety failures include well-known manufacturers such as

  • Gauselmann
  • NovoMatic (Novo Line Series)
  • NSM Löwen Entertainment
  • Bally Wulff

The following list shows various customers who have checked their ticket machines from us:

  • Toyo Network Systems & Integration
  • BSC-Europe
  • Atron Electronic GmbH
  • Elgeba Gerätebau GmbH
  • Höft & Wessel AG
  • ICA Traffic GmbH
  • Scheidt & Bachmann
  • Krauth Technologie

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via contact form or by phone.

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