Evolution Security

Welcome to the world of cyber & information security. We provide our clients with professionally tailored automated and manual white-box / black-box penetration testing, consulting, assistance on persistent threats & security analysis to consistently secure your software, web application, services or networks.

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Quality Assurance

Evolution Security GmbH Team protect known software products, online services, web applications and networks on various platforms such as Unix, Linux, MacOS, Windows, iOS & Android. Our clients always have the personal choice between an black-box or an official white-box penetration test and are always advised in advance.

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Our security engineers will work out individual secure concepts for an ordered pentest as individual solution to your company needs. Manual exploitation, filter evasion, privilege escalation, code executions, format strings, overflows & validation vulnerabilities are our business.

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Trust & References

Our clients include international companies such as banks, transport companies, companies as well as commercial and industrial enterprises. Evolution Security GmbH cooperates and promotes small and medium-sized companies, corporations, public institutions and universities.

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Innovative Concept

Part of our security core research team provides several innovative test & simulation concepts to ensure clients, security researchers, analysts or security auditor consensus on protection of internal or external infrastructure. Our employees work daily on the latest projects in the information security scene.

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IT Security from Kassel in Hessen

Our local security office is located in Kassel, Hessen - Germany. The Evolution Security GmbH pentest- & apt core research -team is a trusted source for big companies, instituts or the industry. We grant secrecy, privacy, reliability & confidentiality to all of our clients & partners. Our services are offered from germany to the public european industry & different international parties.

Company: Evolution Security GmbH
Representative: Benjamin Mejri (Kunz)
Address: Ludwig-Erhard Straße 4 FiDT
Zip & City: 34131 - Kassel
State & Country: Hessen - Deutschland

24/7h Availability of our Services

The Evolution Security GmbH team is 24/7h available for customers, members and of course to important clients. The administration is available as first representative of the security company and the first instance to customers or clients. Contact our representatives only with a special reason, for security job offers, an invitation to conference/event, important customer and client requests. Feel free to read the service documents via rss xml feed or contact us.

Company - Security Service: PDF
Encrypt Communication: PGP KEY
Representatives: ADMINISTRATION

Contact the Evolution Security Company

This website is a project of the "Evolution-Security GmbH" and was founded in 1997 in Europe. The official security company has been registered in 2008 and became a GmbH in 2014. Questions about the content, pentest offers, press, commercials or partnerships? Feel free to contact our cooperative company support team to find a solution or to receive an answer. Questions regarding articles, advisories or upcoming vulnerabilities to the core research team.

EMail Address: ADMIN TEAM

Clients & Partners

The following listing shows the most important international premium clients and partners of Evolution Security GmbH.

Evolution Security GmbH

IT-Security Services & Business Pages

The Evolution Security GmbH offers different quality services for customers in the it-security sector. Customers and clients can also browse our detail service pages for research about our penetration testing (whitebox / blackbox) & security tests capabilities. Feel free to contact our support service team by email or phone to order a penetrationtest or other security services. "Security Made In Germany".

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