Live Hacking & Event Shows

Live Hacking at Events & Shows

At evolution security, our researchers are constantly involved in 0day vulnerability research and new exploitation vectors.

Our team of security experts is well equipped with multiple years of practical industry knowledge and their published research is already accepted by major vendors across the world. This gives us an opportunity to share our expertise and knowledge with our clients.

We have designed special live hacking events where we demonstrate the most advanced methods of 0day exploitation.

This enables our clients to fully understand how different cyber attack vectors or schemes work and how they can protect their infrastructure and web applications against the most sophisticated cyber attacks of today.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Filter Bypass (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Kernel Level Exploitation (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • SQL Injections (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Local File Inclusions(Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Cross Site Scripting (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Remote Code Execution (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • IoT Device or Infrastructure (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)
  • Mobile Hacking (Devices or Service) - (Beginners, Advanced & Expert)

Since our team is not dependent on any proprietary tools and exploits, most techniques demonstrated during our Live Hacking Events are 0day and based on manual methodologies discovered by our own researchers.

We cover everything, starting from network and system level exploitation to web application level bugs and vulnerabilities.

You can contact us for more information regarding our Training and Live hacking Events programme.

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