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Due to the last years the core research teams had discovered several zero-day vulnerabilities and bugs in government websites, web-applications, online-services, software and systems. Mainly the issues was reported to the local cert teams of the governments.

Since 2016 the Evolution Security Gmbh is owner of a second intelligence vulnerability monitoring service called the "Government Lab". The Government Laboratory is part of the new "Government Cyber Security Program" founded 2016 in germany by the Evolution Security GmbH, next to the startup of several new official military and government bug bounty programs in april.

The Government Laboratory manages, lists and archives new zero-day vulnerabilities in military or government infrastructures. The government laboratory runs with an independent background and is resevered to researchers at the borders of our cyber-space. To visit the Governemnt Lab an invitation is required by the individual emacs.

The categories of the government lab are oriented by the needs of the different governments to the own critical infrastructures. The Government Lab does not disclose zero-day vulnerabilities to the public but requests the right for transparent and public research or development purpose to secure other infrastructures.

  • Government Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Approved Product List (APL) Vulnerabilities
  • Financial & Payment Services Vulnerabilities
  • Security Agency, Facility & Institution Vulnerabilities
  • Logistic- & Transportation System Vulnerabilities
  • Emergency & Energie Infrastructure Preservation Vulnerabilities
  • Hardware-, Protocol-, Firmware Vulnerabilities & Backdoors
  • Communication Layer & Services Vulnerabilities


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