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In the last year we got several requests from clients and customers, asking how to calculate the price regarding the Penetrationtests. In this section we will discuss this open question. Besides the Sourcecode check we also offer different Packets/Solutions to identify zero-day vulnerabilities.

The price for a sourcecode analysis or check is based on:   

  • Programming languages (C|C++|Perl|Java|Ruby|Delphi)
  • Webprogramming languages (HTML/5,PHP,ASP) or Scriptcode (VBS,JS,CF & Flash)
  • Software, Services, Hardware, Appliance Model or Web-Applications
  • Size or count of the files, Libraries, Modules, Paths and Websites
  • Period and time limits (Analysis Phase)
  • Whitehat Analysis or Blackhat Methods
  • Exection, Design and Complexity
  • Special Whishes

Our team is not able to calculate an universal price, which covers its clients scenario because there are many mandatory factors (parameters for example). We are appreciate to assist with the examination or analysis of program source codes, code snippets or the development of new software projects. We announce as well that we also accept requests for (upcoming) productive-systems.

With the order, you commission an innovative service to perform analysis in online services, web applications, software, operating system or hardware. Our business model allows us to perform various types of security tests and tests. We offer our research services for start-ups, productive systems, test / simulation systems or help to secure products in the development process.

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