Pricing for Services & Packages

In this section we will answer your questions about the pricing of code analysis and review. Next to our offered research packages we also provide a nice type of code analysis and review methods in combination with live accounts or demo systems/cms/software of the client/customer.

The code analysis and code review pricing will be generated by the following conditions:

  • Programming (C|C++|Perl|Java|Ruby|Delphi)
  • Web Programming Language (HTML/5,PHP,ASP) & Scripting Languages (VBS,JS,CF & Flash)
  • Software, Service, Appliance Model, Product Series or Web Application
  • Size of Project or Count of Files, Libraries, Modules and Web Pages
  • Server or Service Tecnology


View our specialized pricing plans specifically tailored accordingly for the vendors only. Kindly contact us directly for any other information regarding penetration testing, trainings, live hacking events and other services pricing plans.


We also offer Research Packages:


  • Standard Package

  • Bronze Package

  • Silver Package

  • Gold Package

  • Platin Package

Note: Each "Research Package" impact different kind of services and work-around procedures but all of them follow the same direction.




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